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Use Human Design to live your highest potential

Step into alignment in all aspects of life

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a deeply insightful self-awareness tool that combines ancient wisdom and modern science to tell you exactly who you are. It equips you with strategies as per your unique design that puts you on the most natural and effortless path towards your goals.



How your energy works



How to create aligned opportunities



How to know if you are on or off track



How best to make decisions

Human Design bodygraph chart  with the 9 centres chakras



How will you live your purpose



How best do you process stuff



The gifts you are here to share



Potential for wisdom and conditioning

Forest Road

I am Aditi, your Human Design guide 

I am the founder of Human Design with Love. Using the framework of Human Design I help you understand how your authenticity is your superpower and the best way for you to tap into it to achieve your highest potential. 

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An engaging Human Design workshop to guide people to their authentic self

Know your Human Design

Love from Clients

With Love

Working with Aditi on human design was an eye-opening experience. Her insights confirmed my intuitions and provided fresh perspectives on various aspects of my life. Aditi’s expertise and guidance were invaluable, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for self-discovery and personal growth. Thanks, Aditi, for the enlightening experience!

Shruti Sud
(1/3, Manifesting Generator)
Marketing Director, Mosaic Wellness

HD with Love has truly given me the wings to grasp my true self. After a 2.5-hour chat with Aditi, I felt like I rediscovered myself. Aditi made sure I shared experiences to validate her insights and that made a huge difference. I have come across many methods of knowing oneself and HD is unlike anything else; Aditi makes it very easy to connect with. Even after our session, she's been quick to reply to my messages. Learning to sync with my own design brought me 'Anand', making me happy and more productive. HD with Love's services are priceless!

Omkar Khare (1/3, Reflector)
Specialist, UNICEF

Getting the reading done from you has helped me understand so much about myself. It helped me make sense of different patterns of my life, and taught me to be kind to myself. It helped me embrace my individuality and make peace with it, besides validating my actions in multiple ways, especially how I navigate my relationships. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world. Your help is super valuable!

Jyoti Parekh (1/4, Projector)

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