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About Human Design With Love

Human Design with Love, founded by Aditi Prasad, is a soul-led endeavor dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life more aligned with their authentic selves. Through the profound self-awareness framework of Human Design, we empower you to delve deeper into your unique essence and provide you with strategies based on your individuality.


What is Human Design?

Human Design is an insightful self-awareness framework for growth-oriented individuals to lead happier and more meaningful lives. By combining modern science with ancient wisdom from Astrology, I-ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, Human Design empowers you to embrace your authenticity which is your superpower to attain your highest potential. Unlike many other tools, Human Design is not predictive, does not limit what you can achieve or who you can be; instead, it simply unveils your true self without defining or limiting your potential.


Utilizing a 'bodygraph' chart based on your birth details, the Human Design system offers insights into your:

  • Energy type and how to best use it

  • Personalized strategies to achieve your goals 

  • Decision-making processes in harmony with your design

  • Unique path to living your purpose

   And a lot more about your unique self​!


Hi! I am Aditi, the founder of Human Design with Love.
I guide people towards their healthiest, happiest, most authentic self using Human Design. I believe that once we start living authentically, we can reach our highest potential in all aspects of life- personal, professional or spiritual.

My journey with Human Design started with understanding my own design and using strategies to live authentically. I have since lived more aligned to who I truly am and this has brought me immense peace and satisfaction in different areas of my life.

I was inspired to bring this transforming spiritual-science to more people and studied it deeply for a few years from the founding school and from renowned practitioners before I started guiding people through 1-on-1 sessions and workshops.


I truly believe, that we all are designed different and there is no one size that fits all, hence, my approach is highly intuitive combined with my in-depth knowledge of Human Design. I empower my clients towards achieving their ambitious personal and professional goals in the most effortless way, that is right for them.

ADITI PRASAD Founder of Human Design with Love and a Human Design Guide




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