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Human Design Workshops

Human Design workshops are conducted by Aditi to help participants understand their unique design and guide them towards their authenticity. The workshops are highly interactive and a great opportunity to understand not just your own but also the other different Human Design types.

Human Design Interactive Workshop to Guide Teams and Groups

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops can be conducted as a team building exercise or for individuals seeking:

  • Deeper self-awareness and personal development

  • Clarity and guidance for personal or professional growth

  • Improved relationships in personal or professional life

What to expect from the workshops?

The workshops are highly interactive and engaging. Each person has the opportunity to learn about their unique Human Design chart with insights on:

  • Their unique energy type and how best to use it

  • Strategies to thrive in relationships, career, and improve overall well-being

  • Insights on their unique decision-making process

  • Practical ways to live their purpose and reach your highest potential

Jairus Ligoo, UN Specialist

“A great way to facilitate a journey towards a personal discovery of one's self. Explains and reveals personal consciousness in an easy, understandable and personalised way. I was pleasantly surprised to confirm some elements I know about myself. Aditi is a great listener and facilitator too."
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